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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Aug 9, 2007 21:44 Flag

    Is it just me???????

    I think most of it is press speculation. I am not worried he will leave I don´t think he will (you may also find the same comment from me about Vids!)

    There are no comments from the player, agents or close friends. Infact the bbc said today a close friend said he was staying. Downing has said he is happy, GS, etc. The club have said they don´t want to sell (should we, your relegation stories may well be true!)

    When you have the current highest scoring prem player in your team these stories happen. People are jealous!

    Its not like Tevez, Heinze or Dyer all begging to leave (or Owen or Luque who really want to but can´t!)

    Thought I´d draw you attention to this:

    Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton has pleaded not guilty to attacking former team-mate Ousmane Dabo in a training ground bust-up.

    Barton, 24, appeared at Trafford Magistrates' Court to face one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

    The England midfielder "strenuously denied" the allegation he attacked Dabo during a Manchester City training session.

    Prosecuting, David Alcock described the incident as a "vicious attack".

    Barton, who was using crutches (what during the attack!!), spoke to confirm his name and address and to enter a plea. The brief hearing lasted 10 minutes.

    What is his strenuous defense going to be? Dabo wrestled me on top of him so he could not get up. He then forcefully and repeated smashed his face agaist my fist which he had formed, against my will, by griping his own hand around mine! I am surprised poor old Joey didn´t bring charges!

    Sounds like a Rocky film. The only fighter to ever win a fight by tiring the oppenent out by repeatedly allowing him to smash him in the face. Great fight tactic!