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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Aug 7, 2007 21:26 Flag

    Is it just me???????

    Davey I think you have your black and white glass on again. Come back to pink we prefered you then.

    Boro not improved over the summer? Eh? I think you´ll find we have. Gone has most of the fat in the squad (remember it plays for you now!). Gone are a lot of our fringe players who never quite cut the mustard. Hopefully so will a few more. We have more pace and skill in the team. We also have a full preseason in the team this time round as opposed to last seasons will he go, will he stay? Not sure, maybe, #$%$ k planning with Boro just in case I get the nod as 3rd choice England manager Mclaren.

    Anybody else noticed how England play with 4 straight at the back with a flat 4 midfield in front of them so when the defenders get the ball back under control, the whole midfield is on 15 yards away so there are no real outlets to pass to so it goes back and forwards a few times then just gets hoofed up the pitch? Some of the style of play is exactly what Boro used (still for bit of last season) to do. I recon if you over lapped 2 images of a Boro and England game where play is breaking down and is not fluid they´d be the mirror of each other.

    Yes you have some new defenders. Well done, you needed them. Old Huth has been unlucky. Yes I think you went in for him at the same time but he didn´t fancy playing for you.

    Not that my next quote will hold a lot of sway due to the person saying it (look at the excuses already) but old Sven said of City

    "If you know football, you know things will not happen overnight when you've bought at least eight new players."

    Brand new back four, in the prem, some from spain (you have a good record of spainsh signings don´t you) Enrique had this to say

    "It will also help me to have people like Nolberto Solano and Albert Luque to speak to. Albert says he is going to take care of me at Newcastle."

    OH #$%$ Albert looking after your new signing!!!!!!! May as well have given Shearer 6m to come back and play!

    So after your defense has beded in around Christmas you may stop leaking goals. Firstly you need to stop leaking England quality midfielders. Why do all these guys sign, fail to deliver then #$%$ off after collecting all your hard queued dole money?

    Never mind at least Big Sam is making a buck or two mil on these signings of yours. Internationally renound players don´t you know. Some tired, washed up, out of contract, hack of a Lyon player. Bet he works hard when it starts to snow!