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  • kht20 kht20 Aug 3, 2007 18:59 Flag

    Is it just me???????

    Am I the only one to be looking towards the start of the season as a Boro supporter and feeling just a little depressed. OK so we've signed a few new players but hardly anyone to set the Premier league on fire, although I'm pleased with getting Luke Young. But when one reads the Middlesbrough section of the news board all one sees is players not wanting to sign for us, players leaving us or wanting to leave, former players signing for other clubs, a player eeking out the last year of his contract, and the number of players on the injury list. Viduka going to the Mags was a blow, now Smith would prefer to go there too and even Franck is heading their way. I know they've got a billionaire owner now and a new charismatic manager but for God's sake Gareth give us something to brag about!!! I have a feeling we might be also rans this season

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    • Or what about Owen´s lack of pre-season? Isn´t he due to play for England soon and be out for another 18 months?

    • Hey Davey, any comments on the injury to Shay Given ??
      What a blow to the start of your season...I bet there’s a few Geordie #$%$ giving it threpunny bit- tanner over the prospect of Harper between the sticks.

    • I think most of it is press speculation. I am not worried he will leave I don´t think he will (you may also find the same comment from me about Vids!)

      There are no comments from the player, agents or close friends. Infact the bbc said today a close friend said he was staying. Downing has said he is happy, GS, etc. The club have said they don´t want to sell (should we, your relegation stories may well be true!)

      When you have the current highest scoring prem player in your team these stories happen. People are jealous!

      Its not like Tevez, Heinze or Dyer all begging to leave (or Owen or Luque who really want to but can´t!)

      Thought I´d draw you attention to this:

      Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton has pleaded not guilty to attacking former team-mate Ousmane Dabo in a training ground bust-up.

      Barton, 24, appeared at Trafford Magistrates' Court to face one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

      The England midfielder "strenuously denied" the allegation he attacked Dabo during a Manchester City training session.

      Prosecuting, David Alcock described the incident as a "vicious attack".

      Barton, who was using crutches (what during the attack!!), spoke to confirm his name and address and to enter a plea. The brief hearing lasted 10 minutes.

      What is his strenuous defense going to be? Dabo wrestled me on top of him so he could not get up. He then forcefully and repeated smashed his face agaist my fist which he had formed, against my will, by griping his own hand around mine! I am surprised poor old Joey didn´t bring charges!

      Sounds like a Rocky film. The only fighter to ever win a fight by tiring the oppenent out by repeatedly allowing him to smash him in the face. Great fight tactic!

    • Never mind Viduka leaving,are you worried about the posibility of big Yak going ? There may be trouble ahead ! You can do without that kind of #$%$ with a new season just around the corner.

    • Funny you should mention Plymouth, I used to live down there for 4 years. Nice place a bit small. Used to have one of the best clubs in the country in the form of the Warehouse. Anyone else used to head down there?

      Country mile? Isn´t that what you boys claimed last season?

      With the number of clubs all claiming to be finishing 6th next season there are going to be some broken hearts.

      Lets face it if you boys don´t improve you be playing Championship football next season. As for some pundits saying we´ll struggle next season cos Vids has left. I was worried about Jimmy leaving. How was his season at Charlton?

    • Ouch,Thats a bit nasty dougy dear boy,are your plymouth argyles playing you up ? I find it very entertaining when your fired up like this and dishing the dirt on N.U.F.C. There is always just enough truth in your p*ss taking to warrant a reply,but I`m sure at times your cheek must get sore from you sticking your tongue in it.With regard to Scott Parker,I`ve got no option but to accept that a section of our fans caused him to leave.There was an incident when he was booed by a few clever b*st*rds who accused him of pulling out of a tackle.he is clearly not the type of player who would do that.I believe during the incident in question he realised at the last second that he had no chance of winning the ball and pulled out to avoid a booking or worse.Those who criticised him don`t know there #$%$ from there elbow.As for the boy Jenas,I believe you have previously accused him of homosexual activity,so he`s probably best out of the way then.Dyer I`d be happy to see the back of him,he has ability but sadly he is not prepared to put himself about often enough,even on the odd occasion when he is fit. Bobby should have sacked the little #$%$ when he refused to play wide right against you lot 3 or 4 years ago.Theres not a lot I can say about Joey Barton,yeah he`s not the kind of bloke you`d like your daughter to go out with,but as a footballer he`ll do for me.And Doug I know for sure you`d say the same if he was playing for Middlesbrough and if he was i`d probably be the one winding you up about his dodgy behaviour...........Anyway, we`re gonna finish a country mile ahead of your lot this season so what do I care !

    • Parker, Jenas and Dyer. Yes he is a sick note but can play well on the three games a season when he is fit (Where is Darren Anderton now a days?). I also said England quality not a quality England player. (You can stretch it to Bowyer as well but he only played well when he got bored sitting in court all day!)

      Liked Parker? Not the rest of your ground. Shame sections of your fans booed your captain off the pitch and out the club. Classy.

      It´s not so much a case of whether Barton will go down for his latest criminal activity. Maybe beating up other ethic groups is just part of his gene make up. It´s not like his brother ever did anything like that...... But what will he do next? "Blah Blah I owe Stuart Pearce so much for sticking by me" cut forward 3 months oh it happened again. Going to Sporting Chance, ah bless, more like not got a chance. With some people there is only black and white.

      When Big sam was incorrectly told he had a 50m transfer kitty this summer do you think he thought that´s how much he could spend or how much money he could make?

    • B*LL*CKS, you meant scott parker didn`t you ? If you did I have to admit I really liked his committment and thought he was a quality player,I was genuinely sorry to see him go ,but I believe 100% that barton is a better player.keeping him out of jail could be a problem,but I for one will not hold his previous "colourfull" history against him.It may not suprise you but I even liked vinnie jones and he was as mad as a box of them mad things

    • Hang on you`ve just referred to kieron dyer as a quality england midfielder ! Having previously quantified him quite correctly as a sick note.None of your smoggie tricks here me lad,which of those two statements are you using as the basis for your arguement ? Come on Dougy,you`ve got to admit our new defensive line up looks awesome,the lad enrique is referred to as the bull in spain,the co-incidence is he has been bought to replace a player who the toon fans refer to as the bull ( babayaro ).........or was it the bulls lug...aye thats it,bulls lug ! God I wish I had a tenth of the money our lot have wasted,I d even buy you a beer or six.

    • Davey I think you have your black and white glass on again. Come back to pink we prefered you then.

      Boro not improved over the summer? Eh? I think you´ll find we have. Gone has most of the fat in the squad (remember it plays for you now!). Gone are a lot of our fringe players who never quite cut the mustard. Hopefully so will a few more. We have more pace and skill in the team. We also have a full preseason in the team this time round as opposed to last seasons will he go, will he stay? Not sure, maybe, #$%$ k planning with Boro just in case I get the nod as 3rd choice England manager Mclaren.

      Anybody else noticed how England play with 4 straight at the back with a flat 4 midfield in front of them so when the defenders get the ball back under control, the whole midfield is on 15 yards away so there are no real outlets to pass to so it goes back and forwards a few times then just gets hoofed up the pitch? Some of the style of play is exactly what Boro used (still for bit of last season) to do. I recon if you over lapped 2 images of a Boro and England game where play is breaking down and is not fluid they´d be the mirror of each other.

      Yes you have some new defenders. Well done, you needed them. Old Huth has been unlucky. Yes I think you went in for him at the same time but he didn´t fancy playing for you.

      Not that my next quote will hold a lot of sway due to the person saying it (look at the excuses already) but old Sven said of City

      "If you know football, you know things will not happen overnight when you've bought at least eight new players."

      Brand new back four, in the prem, some from spain (you have a good record of spainsh signings don´t you) Enrique had this to say

      "It will also help me to have people like Nolberto Solano and Albert Luque to speak to. Albert says he is going to take care of me at Newcastle."

      OH #$%$ Albert looking after your new signing!!!!!!! May as well have given Shearer 6m to come back and play!

      So after your defense has beded in around Christmas you may stop leaking goals. Firstly you need to stop leaking England quality midfielders. Why do all these guys sign, fail to deliver then #$%$ off after collecting all your hard queued dole money?

      Never mind at least Big Sam is making a buck or two mil on these signings of yours. Internationally renound players don´t you know. Some tired, washed up, out of contract, hack of a Lyon player. Bet he works hard when it starts to snow!

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