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    Predictions for this season

    Anyone got any predictions for this coming season...does anyone care ?? Are there any Boro supporters out there ?

    Heres mine as posted in an earlier thread;

    1) Teesside blokes will be officially recognised as the best looking people in the country, with Gareth Southgate as the cover boy.

    2) Middlesbrough property prices boom as thousands of page 3 models move North to shag the Teesside men-folk

    3) White sock & baseball cap sales rise dramatically in Newcastle & Sunderland in a disillusioned attempt at emulating their Northeast rivals

    4) Buoyed by the booming Boro economy and availability of quality split-arse, top football teams from all over the world are inundated with transfer requests from their star players.

    5) Steve McClaren after being sacked from the national side for failing to qualify for Euro 2008 begs Steve Gibson for his job back (and is told to “F$%K right off pal”)

    6) Middlesbrough storm to the top of the premiership.

    7) The Newcastle team are pelted with eggs by disillusioned Geordies who have yet again seen their side fail to live up to even the most feeble expectations.

    8) Sam Allardyce resigns as Newcastle manager and a joint team of Graham Souness, Kieron Dyer and Titus Bramble take over.

    9) Boro win the League cup beating Man-Ure 5 nil at Wembley. The premiership & F.A cup soon follow.

    10) Mark Viduka explodes in a gigantic explosion of $h¡t and stale pies.

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    • Watched the boro on sky last night,now there`s a cure for insomnia ! Sadly reminded me of NUFC last season. Your first choice defence all missing.Liked the look of the young lad davies at right back.Sanli ran around like a clockwork mouse but achieved very little.In fairness he seemed anxious to impress but snatched at every opportunity that came his way.At least he runs around a bit which is more than can be said for Yakubu,the sooner Mido signs the better as far as I can see.............By the way I can understand you lot getting hacked off with this forum..........9 out of the last 14 topics on here are about Mclaren and England. Do Yahoo sports need to get a grip or what !

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      • Very very poor, we only played well for a 5 min spell after we went one down and if that is the standard this season we dont deserve to be in this division. Tuncay did look keen but we didnt have any quality play in the final third and Yakubu showed very little effort.
        The youngsters in defence did a fair job I thought untill the last 20 mins...I was impressed by Boateng though, he looks much sharper than last year.

    • Doctor, doctor, please come quick,theres a man in urgent need of help. C.J. if they ever do a remake of one flew over the cuckoo`s nest your absolutely nailed on for a starring role,apparently southgate`s missus is gonna play the part of nurse ratchet ( or was it rat #$%$ ? )