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  • Mick nufc Mick nufc Aug 27, 2007 06:55 Flag

    Newcastle United fans prepare for trip to Middlesboro

    dunston is gateshead,not part of the city friend ! we wont bother over that though. lets talk about another mighty victory over the skunks ,barcodes,ftm's or what ever we are .lets be honest here newcastle were #$%$ today but i could sense all those empty seats really getting up with the horrible music your tuppence happeny club plays when you score.soz to you boro old boys its gotta hurt that ? we were not the better team... two #$%$ awful teams playing at walking pace was the way i seen that.more to fruit the argument "this game is not a derby" please enjoy your victory

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    • Mick,
      Did you not see the final score ?
      How was that a victory ?
      I sense bitterness in your post my son, deep breaths now ; )

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      • Clearly his team agree with him that it wasn´t a derby. they hardly turned up.

        The only good thing they did all game, against the run of play, was to take the lead.

        What I was most stunned about during the game was seeing Big Sam´s smile everytime a NUFC player went off injured. You could see him metally calculating his kick back everytime a player went down! Did you see his disappointment when Owen went down in a tumble only to stand back up? I thought he actually kicked the ground in disappointment.

        Loved the NUFC warm up as well - 10 laps round Viduka!

        Davey, Muscle, Not quite the thrashing you were chirping about. Need some more defenders do you now? Shame.

        Mido is looking good though. And he´ll be 29 when his contract runs out. Vids will be 35 and on 80k min a week. It´s a funny old game.........

    • And enjoy the sanctions imposed by the FA for the no brain activity of your supporters!

    • And you enjoy the sanctions the FA will impose on "the best suppoters in England"!!!!!! LOL