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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Aug 27, 2007 19:47 Flag

    Newcastle United fans prepare for trip to Middlesboro

    You obviously watched a different game to everyone else in the Riverside? Ha ha ha ha!

    Boro were VERY LUCKY to get one point, so smoggies, count your blessings that your team dug in for you lot, and managed not to lose all 3 points.

    Boro are expected to win games at home you know? but I guess its to be expected that Boro getting a draw at home against NUFC is their BIG RESULT of the season! Ha ha ha!

    It was lovely to see Viduka bang a cracker of a goal in against his former club! That SILENCED the boo boys and Viduka verbal bashers!!! ha ha ha ha ha!

    N'Zogbia's goal was a beauty too, he couldnt have banged on in better if he'd tried.

    I'm loving the joy and glee that you lot are clearly getting from NUFC players getting injured at Boro, it clearly shows the highlights you can take from your OWN players performances from the fixture? (note the sarcasm)

    Apart from Mido, the Boro team really underperformed on home turf, Arca played well though, and I laughed at the runaround that Woodgate got from Martins, he couldnt cope with his speed! I bet part of Woodgate wishes he'd re-signed for the Toon now!?!

    Boro only showing some determination after conceading goals is a worrying sign, they never looked like winning the fixture from the kick off, and if your honest about this, you should be in agreement.

    Please take note on the return venue at St James Park, there will be at least 52,000 people there to see a "supposed" North Eastern Derby game, the Boro fans yet again FAILED to fill their stadium, and were EASILY outsung by a few Geordies.

    You really need to be beating NUFC to make this claim to being the Top North Eastern Club, something which Boro are clearly not, but I'll give credit where credits due, Boro didnt get the hammering that I thought they would.

    So, well done Smoggies you earned a good point.