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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Aug 29, 2007 04:16 Flag

    Newcastle United fans prepare for trip to Middlesboro


    Whatever Doug?!? ;o)

    I'll enjoy my colouring in session and playing in the sandpit all the more now, just in the pure satisfaction that you've really spat your dummy and threw your rattle across the room......YET AGAIN!!!

    Your concerned about me coming in this Boro forum? really? awwwww bless! that shows you care then? You know, when you post stuff in the NUFC forum, I just tend to laugh at your contribution, because its usually a load of rubbish with a heckle aimed at me amoungst it.

    Please try and get over yourself man, I'll wager I can stop posting insults in here quite easily and talk football, but I doubt you could do the same in the NUFC forum without having a stab at me somewhere in the message content.

    Anyhow the 2-2 result between Boro & the Toon is over and done with, and all history now! I wish Boro a competitive and progressive season in the Premiership. Good luck.