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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Aug 22, 2007 21:56 Flag

    The King is dead, long live the King!

    Well Everton have agreed a fee for Yak!

    Wasn´t too happy about this personnally although this kiddie, Alfonso Alves, who scored 34 in 31 games seems like a blinding replacement, if he signs.

    34 goals last season have now left the club, (not including James Morrisons efforts!) We must find goals from else where now. The Frenchman has looked lively and what a great pass to set up Catts, I really like the way he tracks back to fix any mistakes he makes, shame he didn´t score when clean past the keeper against Fulham!

    Mido, Great first game. Loved the way he was pulling the team up the pitch and screaming the midfield forwards. What a stinging shot too!

    #$%$ #$%$ errrr should have had a penalty when we played Man U in the FA Cup last season, could be selling us more shirts in Asia???? Pure quality?!

    Plus........Hopefully Alves.

    Everyone worried about GS stamping his style on the club and could he make tough decisions? He´s either making amazing choices or the players are leaving and making the choice themselves. If Alves comes in I am happy, what a scoring record! If no replacements come in.....we could find it tough.

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    • We have a couple of Midos mates on trail at the moment, both regulars for the Egyptian national side.
      Alves looks promising, and more skilful than Yakubu. He has been playing for the last year in the Dutch league and should therefore suit the more physical English style of play than most foreigners.
      Glad to see that Mendietta is up for sale, we had a couple of good seasons out of him but he is past his best now for sure.
      Lets hope Rochembach goes too.