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    Well now,I`m a day late ...........just a tad wasted yesterday,not that I had anything to celebrate on sunday,but gave it a go anyway, both pre and apres the hostilities.The papers seem to suggest that jug ears is the happier of the two managers,while fat sam is anything but chuffed with our defence ( now theres a novelty )Honours even I suppose.......I see your chairman,a man who is admired by most football followers is having a go at viduka and yakubu. It seems that viduka was asking for wages that M`bro could not afford to pay, a figure which according to mr gibson would have .amounted to half of your anual gate receipts ? Apparently viduka is on £60k per week at newcastle which is £3million a year. Is steve gibson seriously suggesting that M`bro`s gate receipts are only £6million per year ? ................If his figures are accurate are you sure your in the right division ?