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  • kht20 kht20 Aug 30, 2007 01:23 Flag

    Southgate - get A Life!

    The fact you think the chanting aimed at Mido was inconsequential just demonstrates that you are either an ignorant clown or worse still a racist. Barracking of players, managers, match officials and even rival supporters has gone on for years and so long as it isn't malicious is part and parcel of the game. However racist taunts need to be stamped out as soon as it starts. Southgate may have many faults and is relatively inexperienced but he is four square behind his players, is a lover of the beautiful game and one of the game's gentlemen. What happened on Saturday from a section of Newcastle supporters was despicable, reprehensible and indefensible to every proper football supporter. The ordinary football supporter including the vast majority of Newcastle supporters are decent people albeit with an obvious team bias. I am sure they are as disgusted as all other right minded people and feel that a player or official's skin colour, race or religion should not be used in a chant. As for you, perhaps you should restrict your comments to the BNP message board and leave these boards for real football supporters

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    • Don't give me that politically correct garbage. I'm no racist but there's too many people riding on the backs of anything that will get them attention- Southgate and other forgettable names in football as well as politicians.
      It reminds me of 'Jim Smith' (yes the same dodger that was at Ncle)who ran onto the pitch to shake hands with MU's Ronaldo in PL games after the world cup - What the F****! bet you Ronaldo was really cheered up by that. I was surprised the Tw** didn't ask him for his auto graph.

      Thats the only kind of headlines Southgate will get.. PLONKER