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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Aug 30, 2007 21:32 Flag

    Southgate - get A Life!

    Think you´re missing the point here Richie. Simply following your previous comment with more abuse isn´t the way forwards.

    Speaking of Plonker managers though -

    Having your son say you´ll take a 50,000 bung for spunking 2 mil of the clubs cash on a #$%$ players on the TV!


    One that speaks out against racist abuse on the TV.

    You seem like the type of NUFC supporter who Tipex´s over half his shirt. Well done, very clever.

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    • Sometimes some of the responses to threads aren't worth replying to this applies to the hysterical tripe put out by KHT (Now we know what its stands for #$%$ Head T***.

      Anyway as I was saying, Southgoof was deliberately distracting attention from a poor performance by the home team against a Newcastle team who switched off and let them get away with a point.

      I watched the game .. I didn't hear any abuse fired at Mido but Vodka got a slagging off with references to his Australian nationality but what I did notice that Mido seems to be a very good player and scored a cracking goal (I had no idea where he came from country wise). There were 3 great goals in the game which went into a scrappy performance from both teams Newcastle looked far superior for 45 minutes - Southgoof didn't want to talk about football and that's the problem same as other gobshites trying to get themslves a name./// this is about football nothing else.. race plotics, favourite colours gender etc.

      • As for the comments about Viduka being fat - I bet his body fat% is 50% less than yours ever was Doug. Say what you like about professional footballer - it's very hard to make the grade and stay there which must be combined with fitness, skill and luck. Viduka in my opinion is not a Newcastle type of player even during his Leeds days he was money grabbing and skinned the club before he left. Give me A Smith any day.

      • Also I'm no fan of Allardyce and never have been - the bung stories sounds very fishy to me.. Passing on the goodies to your family members - that's called corruption in any language - but apparently it can't be proved.

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      • Nope I am as skinny as a rake. Can eat what I like and don´t put on a pound. If I do put on half a gram in weight a big weekend out I and I lose it straight away.

        So Viduka by comaprison to me is fat. No matter how little training I do.

        If he ate as much as me and did the same amount of exercise I don´t think he could get off the sofa!

        Nice try though you just picked a skiny guy to compare a fat one against.

        But lets face it your boys need some one to cross country run round now that Bramble has left. Sorry he was just big boned too..........