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  • rrichards rrichards Aug 30, 2007 20:52 Flag

    Southgate - get A Life!

    Don't give me that politically correct garbage. I'm no racist but there's too many people riding on the backs of anything that will get them attention- Southgate and other forgettable names in football as well as politicians.
    It reminds me of 'Jim Smith' (yes the same dodger that was at Ncle)who ran onto the pitch to shake hands with MU's Ronaldo in PL games after the world cup - What the F****! bet you Ronaldo was really cheered up by that. I was surprised the Tw** didn't ask him for his auto graph.

    Thats the only kind of headlines Southgate will get.. PLONKER

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    • You're no racist??????? OH PLEASE!!!! Next you'll be saying some of your best friends are black or muslim.
      Southgate was supporting his player just as even "Big Sam" will probably do sometime this season....

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      • Yeah , yeah , what a load of unadulterated #$%$ ! for years alan shearer was subjected to orchestrated and vindictive abuse from Man ure supporters...........".cheer up alan shearer oh what does it mean to a sad geordie b*st*rd and a #$%$ football team". Was there a public outcry from within or from outside the peoples repulic of the toon ? the answer is no there was not ............ did the god that is shearer complain ?.....the answer is no he did not ...........did newcastle supporters complain ?........ once again the answer is no they did not...........we simply celebrated louder and longer everytime he stuck yet another one in the back of their net ! For gods sake get a life.......... get real.........or go and watch netball or some other namby pamby girls game ! And while we`re at it what about the abuse viduka was subjected to throughout the game.Has jug ears sent an apology to the australian embassy ...? Once again I suspect the answer is probably ..........NO !

    • Think you´re missing the point here Richie. Simply following your previous comment with more abuse isn´t the way forwards.

      Speaking of Plonker managers though -

      Having your son say you´ll take a 50,000 bung for spunking 2 mil of the clubs cash on a #$%$ players on the TV!


      One that speaks out against racist abuse on the TV.

      You seem like the type of NUFC supporter who Tipex´s over half his shirt. Well done, very clever.

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      • Sometimes some of the responses to threads aren't worth replying to this applies to the hysterical tripe put out by KHT (Now we know what its stands for #$%$ Head T***.

        Anyway as I was saying, Southgoof was deliberately distracting attention from a poor performance by the home team against a Newcastle team who switched off and let them get away with a point.

        I watched the game .. I didn't hear any abuse fired at Mido but Vodka got a slagging off with references to his Australian nationality but what I did notice that Mido seems to be a very good player and scored a cracking goal (I had no idea where he came from country wise). There were 3 great goals in the game which went into a scrappy performance from both teams Newcastle looked far superior for 45 minutes - Southgoof didn't want to talk about football and that's the problem same as other gobshites trying to get themslves a name./// this is about football nothing else.. race plotics, favourite colours gender etc.

        • As for the comments about Viduka being fat - I bet his body fat% is 50% less than yours ever was Doug. Say what you like about professional footballer - it's very hard to make the grade and stay there which must be combined with fitness, skill and luck. Viduka in my opinion is not a Newcastle type of player even during his Leeds days he was money grabbing and skinned the club before he left. Give me A Smith any day.

        • Also I'm no fan of Allardyce and never have been - the bung stories sounds very fishy to me.. Passing on the goodies to your family members - that's called corruption in any language - but apparently it can't be proved.