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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 31, 2007 17:24 Flag

    Southgate - get A Life!

    Yeah , yeah , what a load of unadulterated crap ! for years alan shearer was subjected to orchestrated and vindictive abuse from Man ure supporters...........".cheer up alan shearer oh what does it mean to a sad geordie b*st*rd and a shite football team". Was there a public outcry from within or from outside the peoples repulic of the toon ? the answer is no there was not ............ did the god that is shearer complain ?.....the answer is no he did not ...........did newcastle supporters complain ?........ once again the answer is no they did not...........we simply celebrated louder and longer everytime he stuck yet another one in the back of their net ! For gods sake get a life.......... get real.........or go and watch netball or some other namby pamby girls game ! And while we`re at it what about the abuse viduka was subjected to throughout the game.Has jug ears sent an apology to the australian embassy ...? Once again I suspect the answer is probably ..........NO !

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    • As you can see from the examples provided I don´t think that any of these comments, whilst potentially personally offense, are currently comparable to the type and style of abuse metered out.

      Calling Vids fat is factually accurate for a start.

      Using race, religion and the murders of literally thousdands of people to mock a player is going to far. Hopefully the FA will have the courage to stamp this type of behavour out.