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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Sep 18, 2007 21:09 Flag


    Hey up Davey, been quiet around here it has. I am pretty sure Doug is in Russia and I have been taking a long overdue holiday.
    Don’t lose heart mate, one of the reasons you love the toon is the same as why I love Boro, and that’s cos they will surprise you just when you think a defeat is inevitable. Against a poor team we are always gonna struggle....give us the likes of Chelsea or United and then we start to play football....just don’t ask me how.
    Consistency is the thing both teams should be aiming at IMO.

    With regards to Smoggies post..... Muscle box posts some funny stuff on here and is up for some banter, he slates us off but at least he does it in a humorous way and I respect him for that.
    Smoggie_white_socks on the other hand is a tail who gives Geordies a bad name and to quote Mr T "I pity the fool"
    Mind you when he does crawl from under his rock and posts his bitter twisted sh¡te, he is easy enough to put down and bites like a fookin piranha in a tank full of giblets.

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    • Ahh Davey,

      You went a little quite didnt you after the Boro NUFC game. All the talk before hand but not much since. Kept your head down for a while? Not that its been all the talk here just unsually quite for someone who talked loads before.

      Hope you had a good holiday CJ. Been back to Moscow and St Petersburg and had a good trip.

      Looking forward to the game on the weekend, not spoken to Paul but will be putting some cash on with him if he'll take a bet!