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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Sep 24, 2007 23:54 Flag


    You wont win f all if you cant score at home... 4 since Feb and 4 in the last 2 games????

    Come now Davey, stones and glass houses....

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    • So far this season we`ve played 4 games at home, we`ve` won 3 and drawn 1 scored 5 goals and conceded 1 ...........that`s not bad is it ? Apart from that I do believe that we are actually improving as the injured players are returning to the squad. As I`ve said on a previous thread I thought we looked a bit like a football team for the last 15 mins on sunday after Enrique came on,which allowed N`zogbia to play in his best position,wide left midfield,and milner to play wide right.Once Biffa Barton is fit we should be a bit of a handfull...........Please don`t think I`m taking the p*ss but your injury situation,especially up front looks like it`s becoming a bit of a crisis...........With regard to what happened to us at Derby, I don`t profess to know how or why it happens I only know it does ................