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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 2, 2007 16:30 Flag


    Aaaarrrlreet lads, I`m trying hard ,as you do, to believe in our new man`s alleged tactical awareness,but to be honest I`m already a bit concerned by the way he sets us up away from home,............score a goal and try to hold on to it,which we all know is not our stong suit.He also seems to be falling into the trap of trying to accomodate certain players no matter what,and playing them out of position,Alam Smith being the best example,he is not by any stretch of the imagination suited to playing wide right,but our man keeps playing him there and playing Jimmy Milner out of position on the left ? ? ? ? Saturdays performance at Man City was pretty grim,even though City played very well............Never mind chaps it`s early days,Fat Sam will get it right eventually.................Er, he will won`t he ?