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    If I had a wife or girlfriend,or even a dog ( please no freddy shepherd references to them being one and the same thing ) that let me down as badly and as often as my football team ( the toon ) do,I`d transfer my allegiance elsewhere..........So why do we all continue to put ourselves through this ? Am I just having a bad day,could it be the male menopause ? Or am I just getting too old to be f*ck*d about ?

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    • Aaaarrrlreet lads, I`m trying hard ,as you do, to believe in our new man`s alleged tactical awareness,but to be honest I`m already a bit concerned by the way he sets us up away from home,............score a goal and try to hold on to it,which we all know is not our stong suit.He also seems to be falling into the trap of trying to accomodate certain players no matter what,and playing them out of position,Alam Smith being the best example,he is not by any stretch of the imagination suited to playing wide right,but our man keeps playing him there and playing Jimmy Milner out of position on the left ? ? ? ? Saturdays performance at Man City was pretty grim,even though City played very well............Never mind chaps it`s early days,Fat Sam will get it right eventually.................Er, he will won`t he ?

    • 5 goals this season aint too bad (sorry for calling 4) but its also 5 goals since Feb as well which is shameful.

      Seen the post out today saying you boys were minutes from closing....now that would have been a shame (nearly have a tear in my eye just thinking about it).

      No wonder you sold Paker et al to WH. Let them spend all all that money on wages and win #$%$ all and nearly go broke. Great business model you have to admit.

      Also you see that interview with Back Hand Sam? He was joking about how #$%$ your gym was before he took over. 4 exercise machines for the whole club! Souness blamed it on frozen pitches! Need to keep a team fit to play.....

    • My last post was directed at Muscle box davey.
      You lads are looking ok unless the injuries get worse.
      We are having a bit of bad luck injury and results wise but nothing surprises me being a Boro fan.

    • West Ham 3 Middlesboro 0

      Newcastle 3 West Ham 1

    • P.S. I know your all stuggling aswell,theres been nothing posted on this forum for 11 days ! Wots gannin on ?