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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Oct 17, 2007 19:02 Flag

    It's official: M'Bro top of the league(for worst places to live)

    Top of the league eh? Sorry to give a serious reply to this but.....with the lowest per capita wage in the country it is understandable that econmics plays a massive part in the region and a large reason why gates are low. I would go on and talk about interest rates going up but you poor NUFC fans would only think is was about to talk about porn.

    But being one of the poorest places to live, the achievments of our club only stand out more. 5 cup finals, one European, and silverware all on the back of a near non existance 20 years ago.

    I wonder what we could achieve with more money. Infact lets compare directly to those nearby who spend lots and...oh win FA.

    ahhh probably shouldnt start this again.

    I think it may have been a while ago now but just to repeat myself:

    Newcastle is bigger than Boro, has a bigger ground, spends more on transfers (and bungs). But your recent history is not richer is it boys?

    Shame that. It´s probably why you spend so much time posting on our sites. Bitterness. Its an ugly quality to have.

    You see the shape of our town can change where as you will always be bitter and ugly.

    and if you dont like the sights in Boro, move to Spain. Its lovely here at the moment. Shorts and T shirts in Oct and you dont need to be #$%$ to wear them! Come on boys be happy not bitter, I am.

    Keep saving all your hard earnt cash you be able to spend it on a holiday next summer! I read Hull is improving!