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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 22, 2007 19:10 Flag

    It's official: M'Bro top of the league(for worst places to live)

    I guess thats a no turn up for the weekend then ! No doubt you will be still recovering from the after show parties the constant social whirlpool,not to mention the interviews,chatshows and personal appearances.A word of warning,be nice to the people on the way up,cos you may bump into some of us on the way back down .C.J. Celebrity is fickle and so are most celebrities,Please C.J. don`t disown your roots,retain your sense of humility,after all it`s what made you great in the first place.As Kenny Rogers (or was it Roy) once said don`t take your love to town.....Oh Rooooobie, for Gods sakes turn around !