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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Oct 25, 2007 21:23 Flag

    McLaren back to MBro by December?

    I hope not!!!

    Although the new team is not firing as we all want GS has lost the 2 main strikers from last season. One he probably did not think was going to go. The the replacements all get injured!

    Although we´re getting beaten, aside from Chelsea, there has been better football played in all the games. Some of the games jsut have´,t gone our way. Over the whole season this had better average out or we´re in serious trouble!

    Will GS get the boot? I really dont think so. Even at Christmas, if it is sticky, he will give GS another transfer window to do some dealing and there is no point bringing in a new guy to work with someone else´s team. SG backs his managers to the hilt, they have all been rookies from Robson, SMc and GS. He wont change the manger who is getting the team to play better even if the current results are poor.

    I have seen this team miss more siters this season than the whole of last put together! We just need to score them!

    Come On BORO!

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    • That’s what I dislike about SG, all thought he's one of the best chairmen in the premiership and country he has this awful knack of recruiting rookie managers who out stay there welcome

      Robson - Should of been sacked 2 seasons earlier than when he actually left

      McClaren - Gibson got lucky that the FA wanted McClaren as England manager just a few months after he'd signed a new contract, thus getting (probably) a bumper compensation package from the FA

      Southgate - Had an ok 1st season but nothing special, signed one or two panic buys last season one of which is constantly injured and is very unlikely to shift Woodgate or Pogatetz once fully fit, (so could also say wasted £6M), has proved in 2007 that he's in desperate of needing some help other than Cooper or Crosby, needs also to bring his own coaching staff in as well or get some backbone and start dropping the players who aren't performing (i.e. Downing, Boateng etc) and giving the likes of Adam Johnson a chance (once he's back from his loan)............actually I would sell Downing in January and start playing Adam Johnson, if his current form is anything to go by, I doubt Downing would be missed and Johnson would be a better choice for the England squad.

      I sometimes think that SG is more of a fan than a chairman, as some of his view like not hiring an experienced manager or foreign manager, another chairman probably wouldn’t give two hoots about just as long as the teams winning cups or finishing high in the league and its filling the ground, something that’s not happen with the Boro at the moment.

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      • We are suffering from a severe lack of QUALITY and IMAGINATION.
        The commitment & the work rate is there, but as soon as we get into the final third it all falls apart. Why? Because we have no attacking midfielders who can run with the ball and beat a defender. Downing should be able to do that, after, all he is in the England squad! But the painful truth is that he is not consistent enough for Boro or England. Boateng is pure sh¡te in front of goal, he is a strong, holding player, but if he shoots the ball will usually end up near the corner flag or row Z. Rochemback has played better this season, his work rate has improved and his tackling and distribution are good but he just cant hit the target either.
        Without Arca our midfield looks tame, there is NO support for the strikers, no- one following in for rebounds and loose balls.

        I would love to see Adam Johnson get a good run in the team, the lad looks quick and causes problems for opposing defenders, perhaps making Downing fight for his place in the team might do him some good, as it is now, he is on easy street, he knows his name will be on the team sheet every week and also knows if Boro are relegated Spurs or some other team will swoop in for him.

        We need a manager with imagination & experience, in my opinion that’s neither Southgate nor McClarren