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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Dec 3, 2007 21:10 Flag

    Why is NO one callings for GArethy'head???

    Now now doom sayers what we need is a bit of a lift for the team. Why not log on to www.skysports.com to cheer yourself up today?

    This is quite simply the biggest transfer news to ever hit a small NE town. Oh yes bigger than Bocsic and fatter than Viduka (ps does he still play football or does he get 80,000 a week to warm the physio room? Playing less than half your prem games was my call on him Davey)

    This, unless a massive hack into Skysports, is huge news.

    Dont actually start thinking he will sign! But a nice move by the club to bring a smile to the fans faces when the team cant win.

    Not looked at the link? Pick the name of the highest profile player, he is from South America, plays in Spain, likes the odd trick or two.....

    Guessed who it is yet?

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