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  • Lee Lee Dec 10, 2007 20:44 Flag

    Middlesbrough - Timme For ForeignTakeover?

    Bro, i agree with ya! Steve Gibson is a very nice chair man. And ya a truly passionate boro fan. However from what u interpreted, i guess you Feel that boro club should remain Consevative. Correct me if im wrong?

    C'mon, there is no room for all This *#?% ! Nowadays if you have a damm good squad like this(boro), what is ur Desired Position in the Premier League?
    Mid Table? 15,16,17 position???If boro is satisfied, think time to entice boro fans to either switch alliance or others sports..No time to wait for farmer's crop to HARVEST.

    Therefore i still stand firm by my STANCE! Change Manager or Chairman!

    Note all boro: In supportive to this Strong Man(Boro CJ) & yours faithfully 'Me'(Lee) Give your verdict!!!