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  • viwer viwer Dec 9, 2007 19:49 Flag

    Middlesbrough - Timme For ForeignTakeover?

    Yes- I agree - I'm sure some suitable suitor could be found from one of these places like Albania, Khazakstan, Kurdistan or Afghanistan.

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    • Lee, we have probably the best (unfortunately not the richest) chairman in the premiership, a Teessider & life long Boro supporter and staunch supporter of the manager of his team, who doesn’t fire or threaten to fire them after a few bad results. Nor does he frequent brothels whilst slagging off team players (by calling them Mary Poppins for example) or insult the local women by calling them pigs.
      Also he doesn’t pay private investigators to spy on & secretly bug the manager & senior players in order to blackmail them if necessary.
      Finally & most importantly, he does not hold the fans in complete contempt by moving true die-hard supporters & season ticket holders from their regular seats to make way for rich clients & corporate hospitality
      So why should we wish for a different chairman…what do you think Musclebox ; )

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      • Bro, i agree with ya! Steve Gibson is a very nice chair man. And ya a truly passionate boro fan. However from what u interpreted, i guess you Feel that boro club should remain Consevative. Correct me if im wrong?

        C'mon, there is no room for all This *#?% ! Nowadays if you have a damm good squad like this(boro), what is ur Desired Position in the Premier League?
        Mid Table? 15,16,17 position???If boro is satisfied, think time to entice boro fans to either switch alliance or others sports..No time to wait for farmer's crop to HARVEST.

        Therefore i still stand firm by my STANCE! Change Manager or Chairman!

        Note all boro: In supportive to this Strong Man(Boro CJ) & yours faithfully 'Me'(Lee) Give your verdict!!!


      • CJ - I didn't mention SG - the thread started with a question about a suggested foreign takeover. I merely gave an insight the nationality of possible buyers.

        And it was "dogs" not "pigs" that the brothel creeping spiv directors at NUFC described the local ladies.

      • May have the best chairman in the league but nothte richest, £13M in debt, Boro have to sell before they can buy,

        Forgien investment maybe a good idea, that way Boro could get rid of Lamb, appoint an experanced manager and maybe start moving forward instead of backwards