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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jan 11, 2008 00:33 Flag

    Ho Ho Ho, Plop

    Ho Ho Ho,

    Boro relegated and covered in poo?

    Ho Ho Ho what funny comments from the fans who cheered their new manager in 8 months ago and now booed him from his job! What short sighted fools these people must be cheering the 15m spent on yet another new defense only to see it cost another managers job.

    Ho Ho Ho when yet another new manager comes in with hard earnt yet easily spent cash and spunks it up the wall as the fans demand more from a team that clear is not capable of delivering entertaining football that is demanded.

    Ho Ho Ho when one set of comedy owners is swapped for another who stands in the stands asking the fans what he should do cos he aint got a clue.

    Ho Ho Ho when the now smaller Sam hired Barton thinking he would not let him down

    Ho Ho Ho when the shadow of Shearer still prevents your team from being united and focused on pulling together and winning something

    Ho Ho Ho when the fans call for Shearer to be boss.

    Go on, hire him, cheer him then boo him out of his job in 8 months when he fails to deliver too. Ho Ho Ho.

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    • Doug - you sound like some old scratched gramaphone record that is stuck on the same track.

      No one in Newcastle denies that Newcastle his a badly managed football club/business. And there's been fly boys and spivs like Dougy Hall and Shepherd -showing what they're made of in the NOTW.

      Newcastle FC has enjoyed support despite a dismal record of success but the point is the people. During the Keegan years - EVERYBODY in the the city was full with enthusiasm at what they were seeing on the field despite no rewards.

      Knee jerk appointments like Allardyce(and Souness) were never going to work.
      In these days of big business the owner has got to look at whats happpening and listening to the customers -otherwise they start voting with their feet and you end up getting crowd attendances like they do in Middlesboro - and that would be totally unacceptable.

      Gareth? Yes I think you should keep him because nobody else will want him and he's going in exactly the same direction as Boro - Nowhere!Its a good match

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      • You have hurt my feelings. To say I am on a repeat joke just isnt fair! Look I put lots of Christmas material in there.

        I did not mention the lack of trophies (will come back to this shortly)

        I refered to the "New" Barton attack not his old racist attack, or the one before that or the other one in between

        Sam getting sacked is this weeks news.

        A lot of money being wasted again. Old news I know but still current affairs (the manger got sacked again as you probably know)

        I appreciated the comedy owners is an old joke but the joke was on the New Guy not the old ones (even though they are the best!) AND he did not get the new manager in who he wanted! Ho HO HO ho

        Then I went on to ask (seriously) who you would like as your next manager.

        So: Who would you like to be you next manager?
        Wenger, SAF, Jose dont count as answers. Otherwise you may as well ask for Steve Gibson as your Chairman.

        Sam knee jerk??????? The fans beged for him! Then booed him out.

        Keegan! You could blame your misguided belief you are a massive team on him! He nearly won the Prem once and based on that you think you are entiltle to not wait for anyone else to build the team up again and it should be immediate. In 10 years you have been to 2 cup finals (I think) and not won. You were excited cos you nearly won it not cos he was a great manager. Look at Man City, England when he was in charge. Look at what the players said when Pearce took over, they called him a joke.

        Your fan base is great. Your stadium is great. The team is midtable average but the fans want champ league football. If you want sucess you must wait for it. Build it. Buying it only works if you spend 100´s mill.

        Listen to the crowd? Yes clearly but not as simply as you make out. Man U fans were against the sale of the club since then they have won the league again spent massivly and generated more than ever, the football aint bad either. In the army your generals dont sit with the sqaddies listening to them #$%$ about their commander. They remove themselves to make better, clearer decisions. Even Robson thinks its a joke Ashley sits with the crowd.

        Considering the fans passion, the investment in your club, you would love Boro´s record of the last 10 years and you would happy swap the 5 odd league places for 5 not 2 cup finals, EU final and a trophey-nowhere is nice! I am sure you will beat Stoke in the replay.

        So stop looking at us in envy. Cheer your team, cheer your manager (Who do you want it to be?), dont be bitter. NOW stop reading this you´re needed in court for another character reference for Joey Barton! Dont worry, I bet he´s a changed person now, I am sure he wont disgrace your clubs name at any further point during his contract.

      • I will settle for nowhere...if that means not going down this season....righto lets do the scousers today if only just to p¡$$ off Paisley Shanks

    • Methinks you are but a bitter, deluded and deeply troubled old smoggy Douglas. Has one been at the evostick again, or did your Russian squeeze get you a cylinder of laughing gas for Christmas ? Like I said previously do you think laughing at our predicament will help keep your lot out of the relegation places ? Yes we`re in turmoil yet again,but at the beginning of the season I offered you a bet that we`d finish at least ten points ahead of your lot,I`m still up for it,are you ?............Go on deep breath Dougy, inhale more gas,that`s it ho ho ho.......By the way if Mike Ashley pays £134 million for NUFC don`t you think he has the right to appoint a manager of his choice,because I do,afterall is that not what Abbramovich did at Chelsea and look what happened there.Aye Dougy,the only way is up for our lot but sadly your heading in the opposite direction.......More gas, more gas.

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      • See the funny thing here is Davey I was going to ask you if you had swapped the Christmas Cheer for a glass of bitter.

        Not sure about sniffing the gas but my guts today have been terrible. Even the dog wont come near me, must have been some thing I ate.

        As for 134m? Why spend it then have some many stories circulate that you want out? Or sod it and pay an extra 25m just to bring in the second (but oldest?) bung merchant in the game, old Arry!

        I did not mean to wind you up. We may flirt with relegation but as with all ships lost at sea, the ones still with captains tend to sail to safety. A fact which isnt lost on you I think.

        Quick questions for you:

        Do you think Barton will stay out of gaol a) with this current spate of trouble b) during his Newcastle contract?

        Can you get any money back from him when the new manager tries to sell him?

        Or worse: Do you think he will let the new manager down after promising to keep his nose clean?

        On the point of Chelsea he had the class to let the guy stay there a whole year (managers should not be just for Christmas) and let him spend cash twice, oh and did not let him do deals then decide to sack him when a player was traveling to the club to sign the deal! Chelsea also where a top four team and Tinkerman came second in the league before getting sacked, Chelsea´s team was stronger then than yours (or ours) is now and they spent over 200m as well after finishing second.

        The only way is up!!!! Wasn´t that what you all thought that Big Scam Sam would do?

        Another question for you: Aside from Wenger, Steve Maclaren, Jose and SAF who do you want in the hot seat next? Or do you want Stevie Mac? (HANDS OFF GARETH HE IS OURS!)

        How much will they spend before he gets the boot?

        Do you agree that Shearer is a joke candidate for the job, he would surely fail then all you would have would be broken dreams and an empty (retro) trophy cabinet?