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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jan 15, 2008 00:43 Flag

    Ho Ho Ho, Plop

    In my defense here Davey (I apprecaite in your position you need to jump on every scrap) I questioned whether the stat was right myself and said I got it from the papers, it did not seem right and I am greatful of the correct news. Could they have ment top 10 in 5 years? But thanks for the smile when you reminded me that dispite Robson's excellent record your chump exchairman sacked him after 5 games into the new season!!

    Aside from Shearer, who is left? Jol? I thought he did well at Spurs finished 5th a few seasons on the roll and took over when they were struggling_ I see Souness has chucked his hat in the ring again. Ho Ho Ho a personal favourite of yours I am sure.

    The papers now have Hughes as the number 1.

    Maybe Maclaren....... George Graham is not up to much, Mike Newell the bung buster!...

    On a more serious note how's about O'Leary? Thats not a bad shout or another long shot but a good choice Boothroyd from Watford?

    Not to do a Leeds or Man C with the 2 league rollercoaster is the key.

    Bet our ex, your new, goal keeping coach Paul Barron feels he has a healthy secure future at your club looking at the weekend!

    And just one more before I go...

    You pleased with 80,000 plus a week man Viduka?

    Is his squad number 36 his weight in stone, the age you stop paying him 80k a week or the record number of pies he can eat at half time?

    There maybe some teardrops to shed...