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  • viwer viwer Jan 10, 2008 20:06 Flag

    Ho Ho Ho, Plop

    Doug, I thought Ho Ho Ho Plop was what Santa said when he flew his sleigh and reindeers over Middlesbro indicating it was time drop for them to release their bowels on that godforsaken place in order to freshen it up a bit.

    Wouldn't be surprised if "Big Sham" ends up at Riverside

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    • Ho Ho Ho,

      Boro relegated and covered in poo?

      Ho Ho Ho what funny comments from the fans who cheered their new manager in 8 months ago and now booed him from his job! What short sighted fools these people must be cheering the 15m spent on yet another new defense only to see it cost another managers job.

      Ho Ho Ho when yet another new manager comes in with hard earnt yet easily spent cash and spunks it up the wall as the fans demand more from a team that clear is not capable of delivering entertaining football that is demanded.

      Ho Ho Ho when one set of comedy owners is swapped for another who stands in the stands asking the fans what he should do cos he aint got a clue.

      Ho Ho Ho when the now smaller Sam hired Barton thinking he would not let him down

      Ho Ho Ho when the shadow of Shearer still prevents your team from being united and focused on pulling together and winning something

      Ho Ho Ho when the fans call for Shearer to be boss.

      Go on, hire him, cheer him then boo him out of his job in 8 months when he fails to deliver too. Ho Ho Ho.

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      • Doug - you sound like some old scratched gramaphone record that is stuck on the same track.

        No one in Newcastle denies that Newcastle his a badly managed football club/business. And there's been fly boys and spivs like Dougy Hall and Shepherd -showing what they're made of in the NOTW.

        Newcastle FC has enjoyed support despite a dismal record of success but the point is the people. During the Keegan years - EVERYBODY in the the city was full with enthusiasm at what they were seeing on the field despite no rewards.

        Knee jerk appointments like Allardyce(and Souness) were never going to work.
        In these days of big business the owner has got to look at whats happpening and listening to the customers -otherwise they start voting with their feet and you end up getting crowd attendances like they do in Middlesboro - and that would be totally unacceptable.

        Gareth? Yes I think you should keep him because nobody else will want him and he's going in exactly the same direction as Boro - Nowhere!Its a good match

      • Methinks you are but a bitter, deluded and deeply troubled old smoggy Douglas. Has one been at the evostick again, or did your Russian squeeze get you a cylinder of laughing gas for Christmas ? Like I said previously do you think laughing at our predicament will help keep your lot out of the relegation places ? Yes we`re in turmoil yet again,but at the beginning of the season I offered you a bet that we`d finish at least ten points ahead of your lot,I`m still up for it,are you ?............Go on deep breath Dougy, inhale more gas,that`s it ho ho ho.......By the way if Mike Ashley pays £134 million for NUFC don`t you think he has the right to appoint a manager of his choice,because I do,afterall is that not what Abbramovich did at Chelsea and look what happened there.Aye Dougy,the only way is up for our lot but sadly your heading in the opposite direction.......More gas, more gas.

    • Thats sh¡te musclebox and you know it....Theres nout worth #$%$ on in Middlesbrough.

      As for Sam....fortunately Steve Gibson has a bit more bottle than your chairman & doesnt get a twitchy #$%$ whenever a couple of fans start moaning ...he he ; )