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  • Blueskies Blueskies Jan 18, 2008 21:51 Flag

    Ho Ho Ho, Plop

    Doug, the "statistics" you give is based on your own assumptions which have absolutely no credibility and to me, seem to be the kind of arguments you see and hear at the end of the night piss up .(you'e not George W. Bush are you?)

    Admittedly, Newcastle has not been a well structured club - but now what you are seeing With KK's return in Newcastle could not happen in any other city in the world and certainly not place like Middlesboro. The enthusiasm spreads everywhere, and it's not on the back of years of success like MU.
    I doubt if you'd noticed through your haze of smog or whatever it is, that EPL is made up of clubs which fit into certain categories.

    1, Successful clubs with good infrastructure and stability (business and management) i.e. MU, L'pool, and Arsenal.
    2. Under-achievers: Newcastle, Spurs, W.Ham, S'Land (Chelsea -apart from their last few seasons) mostly due to instability and poor management
    3. Low expectation clubs - i.e. those who will accept anything as long as it keeps their heads above the water.. Middlesboro, Bolton, Wigan, Reading, Birmingham, Bolton, Blackburn.

    Say no more except:

    Watch Bolton get their arse smacked this weekend!
    * Pity F****** Potatoe Head won't be there to watch it.