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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jan 10, 2008 01:55 Flag

    Ho Ho Ho, Plop

    What goes Ho Ho Ho, Plop?

    Father Christmas laughing his backside off as another NUFC manager's head hits the sack!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ho Ho Ho

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    • Story of the season so far! Alialialialiadair has missed some so far as well. I was hoping that Alfonso Alves would solve these toe poke problems. 38 in 38 (sorry for the stat) is a great record although I appreciate the league is not a strong as ours but surely he can bag a few goals in the prem...nudge nudge #$%$ #$%$!

      Did you see the priceless position the Dutch FA have put themselves in with his transfer? He and his club have signed some but not all the papers to move to another club and have not completed the transfer with the Dutch FA. They then sell him to us not completing the transfer to AZ who in turn complain. The Dutch FA uphold their (AZ) claim and are now saying Alves has 2 contracts. Not that I am fully aware of the situation but 1)how can the Dutch FA say he has 2 contracts? Does he play for one team then sub around at half time? Does he get 2 wages? 2) since when does the contracts signed by players and clubs over rule the rules of football if the transfer has not been completed? ie full transfer docs recieved and monies transfered? Surely not a good time to go for a quick "coffee" break before decieding the outcome of this one Messers of the Dutch FA!

    • Aye your lot played well at Blackburn,but what a miss from the Turk.

    • I hope that last bit was sarcasm C.J. Otherwise I would be seriously worried about you.Perhaps the fat lad,Viduka would like to be compared with Sir Les but it ain`t gonna happen unless the gov`t give him a mobility allowance.Aye C.J. the laugh is certainly on us again with that fat cake sucker.

    • Liverpool and Man U have played out some of the most boring of finals so we´re in good company. Our keeper kept the game interesting by letting in the softest of goals but it was end to end stuff by the final whistle...the medal was nice. It makes a nice change from watching the team pick up the losers medal! Or being a goal down in an FA Cup final in record time to a monster goal! or Also you forget (probably not!) we got stuffed 4-0 by Seville. Our finals definately have some excitement in them!

      Boro also have an unlucky knack this season of getting to play teams who have just changed their manager! You normally get that lift from the team. It is going to be a cracker at your place in a couple of weeks! Come on Boro!

    • Hey ,whats wrong with yers !! FFS. I was only winding yers up about hiding on our board .I am always pleased to see more people on here.(it does get a bit boring with just Douggie & his stats as company).

      Truth be told, I dont really relish the prospect of playing you's under Keegan, last time he did bring the best out of your players and i reckon he could work wonders with the squad you have now....some of them are quite similar to the Beardsley, Ginola, Ferdinand etc crew you had then...with a couple of good defenders...who knows.

    • You`ve been on the Gluey Parmo`s ? again,you only won the Beermonsters cup coz yiz played Bolton in the final and look which useless #$%$ was managing them.Ave played for teams that could`ve beat that lot.I seem to remember they had to change the ball at half time in that final.........it was battered to bits. Hardly a game for the connoisseur (wadda ya mean spellcheck ? #$%$ ) was it Doug ?

    • Thats the spirit! Personally I am very happy for you. Nevermind Ginola, Beardsley, Cole, Shearer, Ferdinand some of the best players in the league at the time. I am sure you will be able to buy such talent into a club that does not play regular EU football to climb up the league!

      Beardsley-want a great player. So good he even made Cole look talented! Without him surely he would never have looked good enough to move to Man U? Pure quality.

      If we got our greatest manager back in we´d resign Stevie Mac!!!!!!!!! (wait for it Davey).....Cos he won something!

    • Dear Alber,

      Yes my stats were made up!!!! Twas part of a joke that was mocking me for my stats then a further joke that 90% of NU fans cant laugh at jokes aimed at them...which er...you just proved correct.

      But thanks for showing that NU FC fans cant take a joke then promptly trying one yourself- that wasnt the point I was trying to make at all!

    • Doug, the "statistics" you give is based on your own assumptions which have absolutely no credibility and to me, seem to be the kind of arguments you see and hear at the end of the night piss up .(you'e not George W. Bush are you?)

      Admittedly, Newcastle has not been a well structured club - but now what you are seeing With KK's return in Newcastle could not happen in any other city in the world and certainly not place like Middlesboro. The enthusiasm spreads everywhere, and it's not on the back of years of success like MU.
      I doubt if you'd noticed through your haze of smog or whatever it is, that EPL is made up of clubs which fit into certain categories.

      1, Successful clubs with good infrastructure and stability (business and management) i.e. MU, L'pool, and Arsenal.
      2. Under-achievers: Newcastle, Spurs, W.Ham, S'Land (Chelsea -apart from their last few seasons) mostly due to instability and poor management
      3. Low expectation clubs - i.e. those who will accept anything as long as it keeps their heads above the water.. Middlesboro, Bolton, Wigan, Reading, Birmingham, Bolton, Blackburn.

      Say no more except:

      Watch Bolton get their arse smacked this weekend!
      * Pity F****** Potatoe Head won't be there to watch it.

    • Go and have a look at the NUFC board we`re not hiding.D`ya nar what it is we come on here to do some missionary work on a voluntary basis in an effort to educate the underprivileged and this is the thanks we get.Truth is you lot are p1ss1ng your pants incase we end up being as good as we were the last time under Keegan ( Is that Dougy I can hear stirring into action with the totally "unpredictable" retort of aye but what did yiz win ? ) Happy days (or is it daze) are here again,win lose or draw football is coming home,Ha Ha Ha Ha

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