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  • viwer viwer Mar 26, 2008 17:24 Flag

    Will you miss Woody ?

    That's an interesting observation Doug -something I noticed too : "Why sign for 7m in August then ask for a move in Dec from your home town club?"

    Well I have heard from impeccable sources that weeks after Woody's arrival at his beloved hometown he began to get "itchy feet" and itches on other parts of the body (could have been the lice).
    He was also worried that everytime he went to close a window at his home he jammed someone's fingers.

    Anyway he was continually looking glum and Gareth called him into his office and said
    "Whats the matter Jonathan?" Woody replied " I'm homesick"
    Gareth said "But this is your home"
    and Woody replied " I know, I'm F***ing sick of it!"

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    • Too true!

      However the real reason (being he could not get a game as Wheater is that good!) that the club kicked him out for buying 2 grams of coke off a youth team player. Said youth team player was busted with a bag of weed plus the fine marching powder. At court Woody said he gave the 100 quid to the youth player as he often gave the youth players cash (in nightclubs?) to reward them. Thankfully niether the coke or the weed belonged to the player. His Mum owned up to the weed and the coke, they were looking after it and did not know who´s it was.

      Glad to see that after his injuries and split with Kate "the coke" Lawler (they dated while he was at NUFC, rumour was he was not injured but surving an unoffical drug ban!) he has learnt the errors of his ways.

      Apperently he was also shocked at the house prices in London. With pads for a footie star starting at 3m, for youth team players at Chelsea, Woody was heard to grumble,

      "4.5m for this tiny plot? I bought most of Boro for 56 quid and half a parmo."