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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Mar 26, 2008 21:46 Flag

    Will you miss Woody ?

    Both wrong ! .....my mole on the dole, informs me that during his time in Spain, the warm climate and hanging around with David Beckam had in fact turned our Woody into a SOFT SOUTHERNER

    Details first emerged when shortly after his return (in a sarong!) he ordered a “Lager top guvnor” at the players bar. Soon after he was displaying further blatant Southern behaviour, when on a Saturday night out in Redcar, he was unable to observe the strict Teesside dress code of only a T-shirt in winter. Woody tuned up in sheepskin coat only to be shunned by the purple-armed local folk. His response was “Jog on you Muppets” and a tuneless Chas & Dave rendition followed by “ Knees up mother Brown” and “roll out the barrel”

    Lately secret tapes were found from an interview with the evening gazette…..Woody was clearly heard confessing that he was “rumbled in the nuclear sub paying some geezer a ton for some snide lemon Barley”

    Frankly, it was no surprise to me when he signed for Spurs.