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  • mathew mathew Jan 31, 2008 03:23 Flag

    downing staying or going

    do u think downing should stay or go

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    • In recent months when Yakubu and Viduka were the subject of transfer speculation, Southgate said (paraphrase)" When a player decides he wants to go there's not much you can do about it. It's best to let him". He said similar about Woodgate who repaid the club and Southgate's earlier faith in him by saying that now he is at Spurs he is at a club with ambition and with a 'proper manager'.
      My point is given the above why is Boro not waving Goodbye to Downing, collecting £10m or £11m in the process.

    • Stay, plus I just won a tenner off a WH fan who said he would be off in the Jan window. Lovely

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      • Nice one Douggie, I know how much it hurts Christian to part with his hard earned.

        Half of me wants Downing to stay, he is after all a Boro lad and a proud product of our youth academy, besides being a quick, left sided player and a good crosser of the ball......however....as much as we would love him to be, he is no Ryan Giggs. I had thought that perhaps one day he would be, but his biggest problem seems to be consistency, he can play brilliantly for ten minutes in a game and then go missing for the other 80 mins.
        Downing should be terrorising defenders and running at them every time he gets the ball. Ronaldo as a person may be a prize #$%$ and someone we would all love to give a smack in the mouth to, but as soon as he gets the ball, he has the confidence to run at defenders, take the ball past them & and create chances. This is what Downing should be doing every game, but to me he seems to lack this confidence and on many occasions gives the ball away far too easily.
        I hope he proves me wrong and goes on to improve, but if some club wants to pay 10million plus for him it might be hard to refuse.... and why not ...his contract expires in a couple of years then he can walk away and we get nothing, so why not cash in?

        Personally I would hate to see Boro selling their best players and think if we sold him now it would send a clear message to the other youth players that their hometown club is just a stepping stone to bigger & better things, especially as the current lads from our academy are some of the best in the country and are regulars in the under 17 England side.
        Anyway that’s my view…what dya reckon Douggie ??

        Ps. Fair play to Steve Gibson speaking out against Downings agent, Ian Elliott…another greedy #$%$ who is looking to line his pockets.
        We may not be the best team in England but I reckon we have the best chairman.