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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 10, 2008 17:01 Flag

    FA CUP...Embarrassing Display

    Morning Tim,as a Newcastle fan I`ve certainly got nowt to shout about because we are undeniably in free fall.Having said that I watched your game with Cardif yesterday afternoon and it was the most clueless display I`ve seen since our lot got beat at Derby........What the f*ck is wrong with North East football ? I think the Mackems might be the only thing that keeps us both up this season and I genuinely don`t want them to go down,but if it comes down to us or them and I think it will then I hope it`s them.They`ve got to play away to us and you lot.Both games will have a massive bearing on all 3 teams and I`m in no way confident of our lot getting the result we need,hows about you ?

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    • It was a bad day indeed. With Man U and Chelsea both slipping up it was an ideal chance to make some serious headway in the competition. The only constalation with it...it must have been written in the stars that the underdog went through on the weekend. Divine fate is the only way to understand what happened. Cos if the option was in our hands to go through, it does not bear thinking about with that perfromance.

      Time to focusfully on the league. No fun days at Wembley now.

    • How do Davey, the North East is fast becoming a football joke, If we carry on playing like that it WILL be Boro going down.

    • yeah a strange old season, we actually play at the stadium of #$%$ as they scrapped a draw at our place. is kk the right choice for you guys though..?! and should steve gibbo reconsider gs future at boro..?