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  • expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Mar 10, 2008 23:12 Flag

    FA CUP...Embarrassing Display

    Great email, but will let downs like this, make management/coaching staff reappraise the situation, what did go wrong, why weren't they up for it, what is lacking. There has been too many displays like this this season.

    Incidentally i am now in the middle of the desert in the middle east so needed to turn off before i put my foot through the tele.

    There was no off the ball movement from middle field, everyone was so so static and it was though the management had no other way to play but how they ried too, i.e.e no plan B or even C.

    For any team ball sport the basics are pass and move and create space when you haven't got the ball or get into space when you look for it.

    A totally inept, pathetic performance.

    I got criticised for it before but at times Southgate does need some degree of help and guidance and dare I say it a consultant to help him, I got critisised before for saying it and no doubt I will again but sometime the likes of McClaren would be helpful...Just to bounce ideas off.

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    • After our last performance I reckon Gareth is getting guidance from Laurel & Hardy

    • Tim,

      Can only hope you are joking about SMc being used to bounce ideas off. The best idea being "Steve do you want to F Off? No? Well do it anyway!"

      For 4 years we had 2 rows of 4 defenders and 4 midfielders unable to pass, break, move do anything other than pass forwards, pass back, run out of ideas and lump it.

      Yes the weekend was bad but....the football has been improving. Alalalalalalalalalalaldaire is a big miss for us upfront. He works hard, tracks back, tackles when he loses the ball. Clearly the weekend was bad from start to finish but spells of our football this year have improved.

      I want us to be more consistant and for several years we have had to put up with some pretty #$%$ football. We have been to 3 quarter finals in the FA cup in a row. this if nothing else is consistant.

      Yes we should have gone further and with greater ease but we haven´t. We can sit and moan or cheer the team on for the next game. The start of this season was massively bad. The performance since Xmas have improved. Lets focus on the improvement else all we do is dwell on the poor of the past. Some bigger teams than us were embarassed on the weekend, its the joy of the FA cup!

      Besides looks like NUFC are #$%$ than us and will bag the last relegation spot! Its not all doom and gloom!

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      • Don`t be laughing too loud just yet Douglas dear boy,you may yet end up with a severe case of "eouf de la visage" Looking at your remaining fixtures I can`t see you getting more than 7 points . Also you`ve had a lot to say in the past about us buying dodgy strikers for ridiculous money,but you appear to have bought a proper gem in Alves,he`s hardly gonna keep you up from what I`ve seen.........Would you like "Aussie lightning" back on loan ? I think he may be slightly fitter and slimmer than your man Alves.Good luck Doug we`re all gonna need it and for what it`s worth even if you only get 5 points between now and the end of the season I believe you will still finish above our illustrious neighbours, the Irish social club ( sunderland ) I only hope that the toon can do the same.