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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Mar 12, 2008 00:20 Flag

    FA CUP...Embarrassing Display

    All fair and reasonable comments Davey although I do take offence that Alves is not fitter or slimmer than Dukes. He had not played football for 6 weeks before joining us and while my personal target of 15 goals for him (all the players at Boro take personal interest in the targets I set!) may now seem a bit far lets not judge the old goat before he has asked for a move and refused to play for us!

    We are in a dice rolling position (both of us) personally, while I would laugh heartily at you going down, I dont think it will happen to either of us. 2 Reading wins and were both nervous!

    I have no doubt what so ever that Alan Shearer is on the wind up on your board but you have to admit (reread them) they are #$%$ funny.

    I think there is only one slot left for relegation Derby and Fulham are down? Any thoughts?