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  • expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Mar 10, 2008 13:22 Flag

    FA CUP...Embarrassing Display

    What is going on, who was the premiership side out there today....millions of talent not fulfilled and it comes from management and coaching motivation..I switched off before the end because I was ambarrassed of the style of play and lack of invention and movement. Another poor display and if we are not careful will get dragged back into the relegation zone again..!

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    • fuckin gr8 stuff. liddlesbrough fc is a joke, #$%$ club no fans big time. absolute #$%$. cardiff out sang and outplayed ya by a mile. #$%$.

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      • Is this a direct translation from Welsh then?? Even diehard Boro fans will concede we did not play on Sunday, but then we go and outplay Villa and but for a very dubious penalty would have taken all three points.
        But friend, Cardiff may not be around to play the semis if the High Court hhas anything to do with it £40 million is it they are in debt??? Boro don't owe a thing!!! And if we compare Chairman I know who I'd rather have in charge between Steve Gibson and 'Fingers' Ridsdale.

      • great email mate...??? lets try and have sort of intelligence to replies..this looks as though it has been written by a reatard...

    • Yeah yeah Doug .
      How has it been at work ?? Has Christian been tormenting you much ? Or was West Hams battering at the weekend enough to silence the French fop ?

    • Hey I dont make spelling mistakes its just taht my fingers cant keep up with my mind!

    • This Shearer 78 poster reminds me of someone else too Davey, his style is somewhat familiar...its not our Douggie though...there aren’t enough spelling mistakes for one. Smells a bit fishy...or perhaps a friend of a fish...if u know what I mean?

    • More worries than thoughts going on in my fat heed just now.Monday night is a big one for us away to Birmingham,we need a draw but our defence is made up of cowards,has beens and never will be`s,so I guess we go in hope rather than expectation.See you`ve got an easy one coming up ! With regard to one Alan Shearer 78 I don`t doubt you find it funny because it`s us the stupid #$%$ is having a go at.But yeah I guess he has his moments.......Ho hum.

    • At least you were able to switch off!! I have been a Boro supporter for some 50 years but I now live 75 miles from the Riverside and cannot attend home matches without a deal of effort and expense. However I met up with my two adult sons to attend yesterday. Gibson, Lamb and Southgate got what they had bleated for all season, a full house, what we, the paying supporters failed to get was passion from the players. Southgate tried as he always does from the touchline but he just was not getting through. Every player without exception just do not turn up yesterday, and if they have any contrition within themselves they will donate last weeks wages to a charity for the underprivileged.
      Boro yesterday did not have a leader who grabbed players and hence the game by the scruff of the neck. Arca although a talented player is not a captain when the chips are down and I'm not sure Boeteng was either. Rochemback was as ineffectual as I have ever seen him and that is saying something. Alves is still not fit and possibly not really interested as yet, and can the rumours be true that he does not like to train? Mido is committed but woefully unfit still. Tuncay tries but lacks support, and when Young and O'Neil have a bad day together as they did yesterday Boro have all sorts of trouble. Schwarzer's mind was/is not on the job but maybe on his future. Only Pogatetz and Downing really seemed to be trying, but they too were below par and had no real support for crosses.
      So it's all over for another season, save for a possible scrap against relegation. But Boro's best opportunity to win a major domestic trophy has gone and the circumstances of top teams taking their collective eyes of the ball may not happen again. No Europe next year of course so Boro will have difficulty attracting and keeping top players like Woodgate and Yakubu for another season.
      Middlesbrough as a town is somewhat of a Cinderella, although unjustifiably so, yesterday on national television it was also made a laughing stock. Messrs Gibson & Lamb may want full houses week on week, but it is a business they are running, and if a business fails to provide for its customers, it loses them albeit probably only temporarily.

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      • Great email, but will let downs like this, make management/coaching staff reappraise the situation, what did go wrong, why weren't they up for it, what is lacking. There has been too many displays like this this season.

        Incidentally i am now in the middle of the desert in the middle east so needed to turn off before i put my foot through the tele.

        There was no off the ball movement from middle field, everyone was so so static and it was though the management had no other way to play but how they ried too, i.e.e no plan B or even C.

        For any team ball sport the basics are pass and move and create space when you haven't got the ball or get into space when you look for it.

        A totally inept, pathetic performance.

        I got criticised for it before but at times Southgate does need some degree of help and guidance and dare I say it a consultant to help him, I got critisised before for saying it and no doubt I will again but sometime the likes of McClaren would be helpful...Just to bounce ideas off.

    • Morning Tim,as a Newcastle fan I`ve certainly got nowt to shout about because we are undeniably in free fall.Having said that I watched your game with Cardif yesterday afternoon and it was the most clueless display I`ve seen since our lot got beat at Derby........What the f*ck is wrong with North East football ? I think the Mackems might be the only thing that keeps us both up this season and I genuinely don`t want them to go down,but if it comes down to us or them and I think it will then I hope it`s them.They`ve got to play away to us and you lot.Both games will have a massive bearing on all 3 teams and I`m in no way confident of our lot getting the result we need,hows about you ?

    • Truly shocking.
      We were absolute garbage, one of the worst displays I have seen from us.
      If we play like that we do not deserve to be a premiership side.
      Cardiff fully deserved to win, they outplayed us in every area.