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  • expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Mar 11, 2008 12:02 Flag

    11 Points From Where

    So 40 points and we are safe...theoretically. looking at the fixtures and the way we are playing then i can not see the 40 point mark being reached...I can see 9 more at the most...any advances

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    • Yep struggle against Derby, Stuff Chelsea then have Ronaldo go down in the box for a dubios penalty!

    • Come-on Davey, everyone can be accused of having their heads in the clouds from time to time, I am sure you do every week when you turn up and expect your team to play "football"......I know I do lol.
      I agree though Doug, we have had two very tough away games and came out with points...remarkable considering it came off the back of our non-showing against Cardiff.
      However.....we are NOT out of the woods yet...and after our last ....hmmmm..."not so #$%$ performances I fully expect us to struggle at home against Derby.....I mean come on its Boro...... anything could bloody happen!

    • Swamped instead of swapped as well. I aint worid about spleling pistakes.

      Alves is not DEAD, its official. Slight hamstring strain at the moment so probably wont play against Derby?? He is like the best of best toys that you wont even take out of the box let alone play with. In 6 years he will still be as good as new for Boro!

      Next season, next season is the word from about 6 different players, the manager, and 2 dozen sky pundits on him. Who am I to say he should be banging in goals now with such experts saying he needs more time?

      Mr Wenger predicting Boro for a top 8 finish next year in his weekend program notes. In the same piece he does not mention playing NUFC at all next year. Looks like you wont get Arsenal in the cups then!

      I am always up for beating the Mackems. Honestly speaking though I think they will skank a draw 1.1 or 2.2 late on. It always seems the way when we play you or them.

    • I wonder if "triping" up was a Freudian slip Doug ? Coz lets be honest, that wot you have writ,is a proper load of head in the clouds TRIPE..............awww go on then yes your lot did look very solid against the @rse, but one swallow doth not a summer make. Just make sure you beat the Mackems that`s all you`ve gotta do......................P.S. Where is Alves ? he`s becoming as ellusive as Elvis and according to popular rumour he may even be deed...........Elvis not Alves !

    • You`ll be safe with 38,trust me I`m a Geordie !

    • I think this year about 38 would be enough for safety...saying that, you never know , it all depends on how the teams lower than us get on..if they suddenly find some form then we are in for a bumpy ride...I reckon all the North East teams could be in for a nervous last day of the season.

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      • Ahh the final run in point tally! I had hoped this year we would not be doing this, last year was close as well!

        I think we will be ok for staying up. The game against Villa was just what we needed, tough opposition a the right end of the table, away from home, we got a great response from the team and by another skanky ref decision we were robbed of another 2 points.

        GS swapped the team and got a response. Hopefully we can get a point of a little more from the Gunners on Sat!