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  • Joking apart you`ve played really well since Cardiff and some of your young lads look more than decent prospects.............You must be worried incase they turn out really good,coz you know what will happen !

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    • Yeah, we start winning games, qualify for the CL, get a grumpy red nosed sweaty sock as a manager, do regular tours of the far East to pander to our largest group of supporters in order to boost shirt sales, we all start eating prawn sandwiches and moaning when we dont win 9 nil.

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      • I`m not sure that`s what I meant C.J.....You weren`t home at the weekend were you ? It`s just that you appear more deluded than usual ! ( I did warn you not to inhale ) But you know your delusion is one of your more endearing qualities .............that and the undying love you have for your Chris Rea record collection............Eeeh ah just love Chisel Hill ah dee...............Looks like we`re playing each other and maybe the Mackems again next season........Ho Hum,what fun.

    • Signing extended contracts cos they love the club so much, Downing, Taylor, Wheater, Grounds, even Walker unlike say...another Taylor who plays at a club near by?

    • Davey, we can only hope they stay above average players and stay whilst they are needed, but there seems to be a lot of loyalty or should I say more loyalty to a club if you are born and from the area.

      Unless as a player you get a chance to move to the big 4 or 5 clubs (which does not include any of the NE clubs incidentally) there does not appear to be much difference between the other 10 established premiership clubs and the remain 5 or 6 are always scrapping for survival. yes this year all 3 NE clubs have been involved in the dog fight but usually Newc and Mboro are out of the dog fight by mid March. (well they have been for the lsat 4 or 5 years anyway if i'm not mistaken).

      However saying all that have a pushy agent and you will end up like Anelka....!