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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Apr 2, 2008 06:26 Flag

    boro support


    Shame the same couldn't be said about Jonathan Woodgate isn't it Doug?

    He couldn't wait to get away from his hometown club.

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    • Careful Jabber you are about to walk into a minefield.

      Woody left, I was disappointed but check this: he was fit when he left but was not playing first team footie with us, a 19 year old kept him out of the squad, who has now been called into the provisional first team england squad after only 40 first team appearances.

      So you get a sick note for 7m, you boys laughed at us for the investment, 18 months later you get the cash back (bumsong, lucky- you get your money back?????) plus the guy who replaces him is fitter, younger, more determined to play, cost nothing and is better than the old rope you allow to move on because he cant make the first team in the first place!

      Meow! Saucer of milk, table for one. Make my cookie double choco chip.

      Could have played for NUFC couldn't he? But noooooo, to quote for his dad/agent things may have been different there had Shearer been on the coaching setup. Ouch that has to hurt. Keegan repells top players and does not attrack them.

      Wheater or Woody hmmmm tough call. Can feel your envey already!

    • Jabber, great point about Woodgate coming and leaving the club quickly, however I can not remember the exact duration but was it about 1 minutes and 23 seconds he stayed in black and white....glass houses..stones...However i think it is woodgates character to always look bigger and he will not be happy until in the biggest club in the world.....the question is..are we missing him..?!..debatable point I think..cheers stay warm..

    • Come on Davey...I shouldn’t have to remind you we actually have a sense of humour...we bloody need it supporting Boro.

      Woodgate's move was probably the best thing for everyone...he is in the last years of his career, wants some medals & a taste of big games....we needed a new striker (who cant score!) and at the moment have a few good YOUNG defenders, who are far less injury prone, they are even getting call ups for the England squad.
      Who knows, they may stay with us for a couple years more.

      Good to see you back posting again on here Davey....just in time for the performing baboons...hey Douggie throw a couple of bananas on the dance floor I can hear Jabba & Geordie_bloke’s knuckles scraping.