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    Referee inconsistencys

    I refer to the game versus Tottenham on Saturday of the weekend gone adn the incident of Huddlestone kicking I thinkink it was rochemback in the chest or face. he turned to see the boro player coming and still kicked high in the air. The same referee who gave a free kcik for this incident gave a middlesbrough player a red card at the Emirates stadium a couple of weeks before..please can someone explain..is it not time for help by the 4th official to create more consitency. i watched teh hunddlestine incident live on tv as i live out of the UK and it wwas completly premeditated...tiem to improve with technology me thinks...

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    • Surely it works both ways though, In the FA cup game against Mansfield, Huth SHOULD have been red carded for his Kung Foo style tackle against Boulding.

      Football is very old fashioned in that respect and perhaps it is time for change...the egg chasers have been using the TV judge for a while now, it does ensure a fairer outcome to disputes and doesnt seem to hold up the game too much.

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      • tHE BIT THAT P1SSES ME OFF MOST IS FOR EXAMPLE WHEN dIRK kUYT PULLED hLEB BACK IN THE FIRST LEG OF THEIR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TIE AT THE eMIRATES AND tHE ( #$%$ the button was stuck and I`m not going back ) so called experts said it wasn`t enough to get a penalty..............Hang on,your either allowed to grab hold of another player or your not, and unless I`ve misunderstood I think the answer is your not ! The way in which it is done is therefore irrelevant it`s a penalty.Then the week after at Anfield Babel cuts in front of Toure who does his best to get out the way but can`t and a penalty is given,what was he supposed to do ? evaporate ? Surely in a situation like this a video ref would help achieve the correct outcome without spoiling the flow of the game too badly.I`m a fan of neither arsenal or Liverpool but those two decisions changed the outcome of a European 1/4 final, that can`t be right.

    • I cannot see how technology could help in the situation you highlight, unless you are suggesting slow motion replays to be viewed by a fourth official off pitch as in cricket when the umpires are unsure of a dismissal. Who would then request that the fourth official should view a slo-mo replay, the players, the manager or just the referee? If the latter was the only person permitted to request, then the pressure on him from players and the pressure on the fourth official from the manager would be enormous. The matches would last about 2 hours with all the stoppages.
      Arsenal is the highest profile team to bleat about dodgy decisions going against them, which has cost them the premiership title, but I suspect they along with certain other clubs get a 'reputation' for moaning and therefore do not get the rub of the green when some decisions are made. But I think over a season dodgy decisions tend to even themselves out.
      Referees have needed glasses and have been blind biased bastards ever since a round leather ball has been kicked, and I don't see how technology will change that. The tv pundits can watch replay after replay and still not agree, so what chance does one man with a whistle and two with flags stand?

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      • you may have a point about that specific incident, but in general, there needs to be change, the other threads to this subject offer some other cases studies in question.

        TV replays are just one tool that could be used to help clarify very contencious issues without extending the games durations too much I suspect.

      • Not that this is overly constructive but......hows about a system like they use in boxing where you need 2 of the 3 judges to hit a button within a set time period for a point to be awarded. But instead of points an electric signal would be sent to the ref either inducing pain or pleasure depending on if it was a good, bad or an inconsistant decision. I appreciate the system is open to abuse with the judges simply holding down their buttons to shock the ref but hey in the modern world of technology every out come is worth considering!