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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Apr 15, 2008 16:34 Flag

    Referee inconsistencys

    Surely it works both ways though, In the FA cup game against Mansfield, Huth SHOULD have been red carded for his Kung Foo style tackle against Boulding.

    Football is very old fashioned in that respect and perhaps it is time for change...the egg chasers have been using the TV judge for a while now, it does ensure a fairer outcome to disputes and doesnt seem to hold up the game too much.

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    • tHE BIT THAT P1SSES ME OFF MOST IS FOR EXAMPLE WHEN dIRK kUYT PULLED hLEB BACK IN THE FIRST LEG OF THEIR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TIE AT THE eMIRATES AND tHE ( #$%$ the button was stuck and I`m not going back ) so called experts said it wasn`t enough to get a penalty..............Hang on,your either allowed to grab hold of another player or your not, and unless I`ve misunderstood I think the answer is your not ! The way in which it is done is therefore irrelevant it`s a penalty.Then the week after at Anfield Babel cuts in front of Toure who does his best to get out the way but can`t and a penalty is given,what was he supposed to do ? evaporate ? Surely in a situation like this a video ref would help achieve the correct outcome without spoiling the flow of the game too badly.I`m a fan of neither arsenal or Liverpool but those two decisions changed the outcome of a European 1/4 final, that can`t be right.

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      • It is the inconsistencies which exasperate players, managers and supporters alike, and really it is relatively simple to establish consistency. Tackles are sometimes going to be mistimed so a degree of judgement is required by the referee, but just as it is a sending off offence to raise your hands to an opposing player so should grabbing the shirt or encircling him with the arms be an automatic booking if not an automatic red card, no ifs or buts. Its time too that referees book players who tries to get an opposing player booked by waving an imaginary card or some similar gesture.

        There is a difference between a mistimed tackle, an over enthusiastic tackle, a high foot when challenging for a ball, even a push when going up to head a ball with an opponent and deliberate cheating such as a trip, a dive or a tug on the shirt. Players know the difference and should be penalised proportionately.