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    Lack of Consistency

    The fact that there has been no new posts or topics in the last few days suggests we are ALL in a state of shock!! Steve Gibson comes forth not only with fine words on strengthening the team but with a great offer for younger fans in terms of season ticket prices for next season and practically begs supporters to get behind the team next season. Southgate echoes this and promises new players in certain positions. But with a team that came close to beating Chelsea, and, more than held its own against Arsenal, Man United and Liverpool, we can't beat Bolton on our own ground.

    We need to win over the respect of the media, particularly the broadcast media and the only way we can do this is with success on the field. Gibson is praised as probably the best Chairman in the Premier League and Southgate as one of the best of the crop of new managers who will one day be a candidate for the England job. I don't have any argument with any of those premises. Millions are invested in expensive players, but still we lose quality players to sides on paper not really better than ours.
    Can it be that the backroom is not good enough? Of course some players are past their best and need replacement but do we also need a reshuffle in the training staff. Does a loyal player necessarily make a good coach? Do we need to cast the net wider when looking for support staff for the manager? I used to scoff at the role of a Sports Psychologist, since we lost ours; I am now not so sure I was right to scoff.

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    • As a sign-off for this topic, by a rough calculation, and I admit it is rough, I reckon it could be said Boro squandered 27 points this season against teams they should have expected to win against and points dropped by lack of concentration. Add these 'dropped' points to the 42 achieved and they would have had 69 points 4 ahead of Everton who finished fifth and who have qualified for Europe next season

    • Bob, my apologies, I stand corrected. It was 3-2.
      It must have been wishful thinking eh ; )
      But...does going out in the qualifiers count as playing in the CL though ???...O alright then you can have that one ...i would take it too if it was Boro...I HAVE A DREAM.etc etc..

    • To answer your question 3 times. 1997-98 when Tino got his hat-trick v Barca. 2002-03 when we qualified for the 2nd group stage thanks to a late goal by Bellamy against Feyenord or some other Dutch mob and in 2003-04 when the mighty Partizan Belgrade put us out in the qualifying round. We beat them away and then they beat us at home on penalties. I think Shearer missed and all mackems and smogs had smiles wider than the Tyne the next day.

    • I thought we won 3-2! Just wishful thinking on your part that late Barca equaliser CJ.

    • could not agree with you more. there is a huge difference in play from Man U, Arsenal to when we play Reading and co. Should it be to the same standard we would challenge for Champs league positions!!!

      The sports psychos are only as good as the people receiving the treatments. If the player thinks its a load of mumbo jumbo it will have no effect. If they buy into the concept then the results can be positive, as with everything in sports including their respect for the manager.

      I think some of the problem lies with the players, some at the mangers door and some with the time of the year.

      I still feel the middle of the park needs an overhaul. Rocky-been better this year but needs to move on or #$%$ off depending on how you view him, Boats - been better of late but still has a weak touch and does not have the best of distribution on him. Arca been off form but lets not forget the injury he had (also not a central midfielder by trade!) Catts not played so much this season, still learning.

      O Neil prefers the middle role but not really played there for us or Pompey, (suggests he can´t do it at prem level??)

      So...I would like to see a new engine in the Boro centre mid next season, Nolan and Bullard are 2 players I think would improve the team (or now empty midfield cos I said they can all F off aside from Arca!) It will be intersting to see if we look to strengthen the centre positions. Huddleston of Spurs is also on their exit list and maybe a good buy

      Transfer whispers...

      Schwarz- great service but can go. Bring in Robinson, younger better, hurt pride with point to prove. Could be Englands top keeper with confidence restored.

      Rocky- been an interesting ride, back to Lisbon me thinks

      Mendi- We still paying him!!!!????!!! Sod off and free the wage bill you old git. Free transfer my #$%$!

      Boats- leave to a team to prop up the bottom end of the league is now holding us back

    • Ahhh...the Boro enigma....beats me how we can compete with the best then get stuffed by the Turkeys. If we knew the answer to that one we would be top of the league perhaps.
      Our so-called "star" players only seem to get their fingers out against quality opposition, so....
      Perhaps dropping them in favour of the local lads we have in the squad for games against the likes of Bolton would ;
      1) Ensure we play with more Enthusiasm & determination.
      2) Give our younger players valuable experience.
      3) Give the senior players a much needed rest towards the end of the season.