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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Apr 25, 2008 21:49 Flag

    Lack of Consistency

    could not agree with you more. there is a huge difference in play from Man U, Arsenal to when we play Reading and co. Should it be to the same standard we would challenge for Champs league positions!!!

    The sports psychos are only as good as the people receiving the treatments. If the player thinks its a load of mumbo jumbo it will have no effect. If they buy into the concept then the results can be positive, as with everything in sports including their respect for the manager.

    I think some of the problem lies with the players, some at the mangers door and some with the time of the year.

    I still feel the middle of the park needs an overhaul. Rocky-been better this year but needs to move on or #$%$ off depending on how you view him, Boats - been better of late but still has a weak touch and does not have the best of distribution on him. Arca been off form but lets not forget the injury he had (also not a central midfielder by trade!) Catts not played so much this season, still learning.

    O Neil prefers the middle role but not really played there for us or Pompey, (suggests he can´t do it at prem level??)

    So...I would like to see a new engine in the Boro centre mid next season, Nolan and Bullard are 2 players I think would improve the team (or now empty midfield cos I said they can all F off aside from Arca!) It will be intersting to see if we look to strengthen the centre positions. Huddleston of Spurs is also on their exit list and maybe a good buy

    Transfer whispers...

    Schwarz- great service but can go. Bring in Robinson, younger better, hurt pride with point to prove. Could be Englands top keeper with confidence restored.

    Rocky- been an interesting ride, back to Lisbon me thinks

    Mendi- We still paying him!!!!????!!! Sod off and free the wage bill you old git. Free transfer my #$%$!

    Boats- leave to a team to prop up the bottom end of the league is now holding us back

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    • Doug you mention Champions league on the boro board you trying to kill people or just confuse them.
      Dream world is in thornaby now i guess.
      you got more chance of a bargain on vicky roads second hand shop.

      Anyways im off for some perfect chicken down there next week.

      Champions league hahahaha..
      i cannot get over that one.!!

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      • HEHE ...I agree..Douggie have u been smoking again.
        Mind u, stranger things have happened...I remember the barcodes qualified once...or was it a few times.
        Can any Geordie out there let me know how many times Newcastle played CL football...by the way thats in your lifetime not the era u all love to bring up ie. Fairs cup & dinosaurs walking the earth etc