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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ May 13, 2008 21:06 Flag

    Man City players stunned by noxious fumes

    Brilliant post MB, one of your best to date, very funny.
    I reckon with the advances in medical science & health care, you could perhaps live long enough to see your team Newcastle score 8 in one game....I have heard it may even be possible one day to remove the brain of a human and implant it into the head of a young monkey...thus prolonging the lifespan for many years.... for the likes of Jabba however, there wouldn’t be much noticeable difference...and intellectually none at all.

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    • Hey CJ, it's lovely as always to see your bitterness showing there!

      Before you get yourself all excited about your shower beating Man City 8-1, I watched Newcastle United score 8 goals in a Premiership game (99-00 season) when the lads totally slaughtered Sheffield Wednesday 8-0 at St James Park, late September if I remember rightly.

      Oh! and they managed to keep a clean sheet too!
      (I was there too, were you at the Boro game? Probably not!)

      Plus that was a few games into the season, not a last game with nothing to play for scenerio!

      Boro winning 8-1 wasn't enough to get them above the Toon in the league though, was it? My demented little white sock wearing heckler!

      So CJ, who is the top north east club sunshine then? Newcastle United. ;o)

      As for removing brains and putting them in monkeys? That's seemed to work down in Teesside for long enough now, although your average chimpanzee is still alot brighter than most of the smog monsters hailing from Grove Hill.

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      • Bitterness ?? Not at all Jabba....Well done to NUFC, congratulations on winning the Champions League ....oh no sorry that will be another team...you beat us by ONE POINT and finished 12th in the league.
        I am glad you are proud cos I reckon none of the North East sides have anything to gloat about after another #$%$ season.