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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ May 30, 2008 20:25 Flag

    Man City players stunned by noxious fumes

    Hey up Davey lad, always a pleasure to read your posts on this board.
    I think we are all guilty of viewing our team through rose tinted bifocals. One of the great beauties of this fine game is the abundance of meaningless stats and past glories to further cloud the argument...ah the mists of time....so......back to your post, which I believe further illustrates my point, littered with the following expressions ;
    "HAVE spent many seasons"
    "there WERE 5 great years"
    "we WERE not only a top 4 side "
    "PLAYING football to be proud of"
    "HAVE played more seasons in Europe"
    all very good and valid points, but……..past tense dear boy, past tense.
    Blind optimism can be both commendable and laughable....come on...when you come to the Boro board you are talking to bleedin experts in the field of Stevie Wonder says the glass is half full...ism...errr where was I...o yes, the past....and you are only as good as your last game ahem....(8-1 I believe!! hee hee)
    So....my point is the future... 2012 to be exact...the date set by FIFA regarding the number of foreign players in one team...to be reduced to 5 max. What every club will be crying out for will be decent home grown players who are good enough to play at international level...now just as an example...say a certain team has just had 4 youth players on duty for the under 21's ...that could be viewed as a good building block for the future.....a team with a good youth academy...in fact one of the best in the country...another nod to the future.
    Anyway you lads have nothing to worry about...what with the local lads you lot are .....O Dear...KK cut your youth team on his last visit to Newcastle …..DOH!
    Yes hope is a funny word...I suggest you started hoping & praying cos the times are changing, and no hopers may suddenly may be the future……and in my rosy bifocals the future looks bright......the future is BORO.

    Long runs the fox.