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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug May 29, 2008 19:49 Flag

    Man City players stunned by noxious fumes

    Misses kick you out the house for shagging the dog? Whats got you all fighty today Davey? Bored and looking for a fight? Just say so and leave the dog alone.

    As funny as the script in Dream Team? Big fan with 8 bellies buys club he loves, spunks loads up the wall to get them (cash or other you decide), then loses even more on bad bets on the futures market. Stands in crowd with shirt on saying I am one of you. Then a sib prime problem hits the US further reducing his now bare bank account and abilty to borrow money to further #$%$ cash up the wall. Now has to cut back on promises of BIG signings and tries to make all big earners F Off or take paycuts. Youth policy is the way forwards he tells the foolish crowd...but the guy he hired...oh yes he cut the youth team when he was last in charge.... Their local rivals...oh yes they set a club record by having 4 (yes four!!!) players start in the last England U21 game and had 2 home grown boys in the Full setup.

    Spent 300m, one point above the Boro and could not get as far in the cups. Now that is funny.

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