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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jun 4, 2008 15:36 Flag

    Man City players stunned by noxious fumes

    Sorry? Who’s club is trying to convince its top players they need to take a 30% wage cut? Who’s team has just changed its CEO and come out and said there will be a fundamental shift in transfer policy and wage because it is unsustainable?

    The best one though:

    Which team in the prem had the highest wage bill but lowest finish? And the answer is........

    See Davey what you and most Geordies don’t, can’t, will never understand is that there is a difference between expenditure and value. He who sends most does not always get the most. See Boro trophy cabinet v NUFC for the last 10 years

    So you enjoy your 6th highest wage bill and a finish of 12th. That’s great business sense and value.

    And with Schwarz, Rocky and Mendy (YAY!) all off the wage bill this summer already we would have freed up over 120k in wages a week (or Michael Owen). This simply means we can straight away spend this on new players. We don’t have to beg players in contract to renew at lower rates, #$%$ them off, cos the coffers are bare.

    PS have you boys finished paying off all your ex managers yet? You must have spent more in the last 10 years firing managers than we have spent in transfers?! What a great business model. 5m for Sam for 8 months work?

    All that cash and NOTHING to show for it, he he he.