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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Jun 5, 2008 17:39 Flag

    Man City players stunned by noxious fumes

    There you see, a classic example...the pride involved playing for Boro far exceeds the financial gain....he....he....ha hah hahahahahahahahah...sorry Davey I tried not to laugh at my last statement but it just slipped out, ok, we will agree to differ. I too am disappointed with the Riverside attendance figures, but at least it makes you lads feel superior...until we play each other anyway ; )
    Actually I reckon after paying Mike Ashley & Mark Viduka's pie bills there isn’t much difference in revenue between our clubs.
    Next seasons predictions hmmmmm..............Boro top ten finish, Southgate has definitely learned some hard lessons from last season and hopefully we should see the rewards.
    NUFC....providing KK doesnt leg it, or Ashley doesnt #$%$ all your dough on the stock exchange should finish midtable, behind Boro, but it will be close again...one or two points in it... thats all i am saying until we see some new signings. So there’s my prediction...and the wager is ....5 milkybars and a curly whirly…..whaddayasay Geordie boy….gonna take the bet ?