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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jun 5, 2008 20:28 Flag

    Man City players stunned by noxious fumes

    Which facts did I mis-represent? None I think you will find (maybe the barton dig that he will still be in gaol in 2013 but I am sure he will have been released and back inside on another unrelated matter by then) Aside form that if you feel the need to claim that I am twisting the truth simply cos the truth hurts then I understand your need to try to deflect what must surely be a painful emotion for you.

    Indeed to come on this website and start chucking contract and wage jokes about the Boro must be on par with Mr Fritzl claiming his family is safe at night because they are under lock and key.

    As for refusing to waste money now...Does Steven Taylor the former England U21 capt and youth product not deserve a new contract, or do you feel he is not up to the standard of defender you require? How are all the Spanish lads fitting in anyway?

    Where will Boro finish? I hope for top 3, would love top 7, expect top half, sweat at 12 and another brown pant season if we finish lower than that!

    We need more midfield signings and the quality of these will, I think, massively shape the season. We are missing a few parts from the engine at the moment! Nice to start next season with a strike for though (quickly touching wood!).