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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 10, 2008 18:03 Flag

    Man City players stunned by noxious fumes

    How are the Spanish lads fitting in ? Which Spanish lads ? As far as I`m aware we only have one.............Enrique who seems to have taken a while to adjust to the pace of the Premier league,but he isn`t the first and he won`t be the last to take a while to find his feet.But tell me Doug who are the other Spanish lads you`re referring to ? With regard to Stephen Taylor,it is my understanding that Newcastle are negotiating a new deal with him,hopefully both parties will agree a deal which is mutually acceptable..................if not I guess he`s gone...........It`s no different to your man Downing last season,loads of rumours in the press that he was off to Spurs,rumours which were probably started by his agent just to get your lot to up the offer on his new deal............But I don`t suppose that counts for much with you Doug what with your double standards and your willingness to look at things differently depending on whether it`s your team or mine involved.But don`t worry on my account Doug, I`ve got you worked out alright. Oh and by the way I wasn`t "chucking contract and wages jokes around" about the Boro,I was giving you an insight into how the transfer market really works ! Take your blinkers off, you`ll see it`s true !