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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug May 20, 2008 21:12 Flag


    I AM BACK!


    Many thanks for entitling an entire string to me. Me and my ego are settling in nicely for a bit of typing! Sorry for being gone so long.

    Firstly: Congrats to finishing above us in the league

    Well done to this seasons top team in the North East.

    With our start to the season and your middle (lets face it the Mackems were never going to challenge) it has been a rollercoaster of a ride for that top spot.

    Nice to see KK can win a game too.

    Secondly. Well done for being the least perfroming team of all the completed buyout clubs.

    300m and only a point above the Boro...only a Geordie could truely achieve such nothingness with that level of cash!

    More Wise spending to come I am sure (get it Wise spending...only installed to caretake for a bit when KK gets sacked...wise spending, Wise spending...oh never mind)

    Thirdly: 8-1 I what a result. Hatrick Hero Alves, Downing with a beauty and Jinky coming on for a share. Rocky with a wonderful strike, now F Off back off to Lisbon we want some real steal to the Boro midfield!

    I am sure there will be more goals to come from Alves and the rest of the strike force next season. A fit again Mido is also rumored to fancy a goal next season.

    CJ-been taking loads of stick regarding the goal situation all season from a certain WH fan. Funny old thing that the 8-1 victory put us a goal up on them this season! Does not seem that that stat counts with him anymore.....we´ve had injuries.....Oh Oh one game was all your season was worth....look at how much you spent...

    To summerise: congrats NUFC One point above the Boro.

    After thought: Anyone see the England U21 last week or should I call it the Boro U21 All Star Team. Four players from ours truely leading the way. Jinky looks amazing!

    As for NUFC producing heaps and heaps of young talent...well they may have had KK not closed the youth system last time he was there. Clever boy!